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Kauai Airport Greeting

Lihue Airport 


Kauai, Hawaii

An Authentic, Fresh Flower Lei Greeting at Lihue Airport

Enjoy a traditional custom greeting when arriving on Kauai! A lei greeting is an authentic symbol of aloha, love, and welcome when you arrive and a great and memorable beginning of your holiday on Kauai. An Iconic symbol of the island. Feel the aloha immediately as welcomes you to Kauai and hang a beautiful fresh Orchid Lei, Kukui Nut Lei, Candy Lei, or Ti Leaf Lei (hand made with ti leaf from the garden) around your neck. Optional souvenir photo with your own phone too. Let us give you the first taste of Aloha. Arrange an airport lei greeting for you or your beloved’s arrival on Kauai today. We are so happy and excited to greet you all. Thank you for supporting a small local Kauai company. We appreciate you and wish you the best holiday ever.

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Step 1: Lei Type & Amount
Orchid Lei
Get Leid On Kauai Orchid Lei for Lihue Airport Lei Greeting On Kauai Hawaii
Get Leid On Kauai Ti Leaf Lei for Lihue Airport Lei Greeting On Kauai Hawaii
Ti Leaf Lei
Kukui Nut Lei
kukui nut lei_edited.png
Candy Lei
Get Leid On Kauai Candy Lei for Lihue Airport Lei Greeting On Kauai Hawaii
toyota rental.jpg

Get a complimentary lei greeting when you book our 2023 Toyota 4 Runner as your car rental for your vacation to Kauai.

What our customers have to say:

Emilia was in contact with me even before we landed. Our flights were delayed and diverted, so we were late getting in. But Dan was there to greet us. This company cares and the traditiinal Lei greeting was so nice after 20 hrs. of travel. Give them your support.❤️👍

Nancy Riley

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We are so grateful you decided to choose KauaiLeiGreetings as your welcome to the Island of Kauai.  If you enjoyed the experience it is extremely helpful to us when you share about it on google reviews!

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